BETTY CONFETTI y Su Conjunto Tropical

Ever since her first week walking through the streets of Buenos Aires, Betty Confetti was entranced by cumbia’s chucuchucu. Four years later, and still living in the city, absorbing its warmth and popular dance, she was surprised by the cumbias that she started to compose while playing her Cuatro, a Venezuelan instrument that brings her British roots to her new Latin American home.

Inspired by Peruvian Chicha and cumbia romantica like that of Gilda, she formed her Conjunto Tropical in 2010. Together they quickly wrote new hits that deal with lost love, such as Mi Nidito and Hamaca, seduction in the land of the machista such as Vos Me Haces Linda, and party tracks like Permiso, written in collaboration with Berlin‐based musician Tobias Hassels. They’ve been playing in gigs and parties ever since, impressing the local scene with their new yet rootsy cumbia. They supported fundamental cumbia acts such as Lia Crucet, and Yerba Brava, forming part of the new Buenos Aires cumbia scene, which includes the ever‐growing La Mágica parties. The band is formed of Betty Confetti, vocals and cuatro, Dami San, guitar, Luigi Di Cuero, bass, Milenio Valenti, percussion, El Baron de Parque Patricios, drumpad, Lucila Glass, keyboard, Lucas Black, güiro, and Guillermina Caderitas dances.

In 2011 Betty Confetti y Su Conjunto Tropical recorded their first LP, Camina Sobre Fuego, in ION studios with IvaÅLn DiÅLaz MatheÅL of Crang Records, which is about to be released in 2012 with a bang.

Important Concerts

13 March 2010 Cobra Libros, Capital Federal

14 March 2010 Infinito Punto Rojo, Buenos Aires Capital

9 May 2010 Tío Bizarro, Burzaco, Buenos Aires Provincia

21 May Una Casa, Buenos Aires Capital

18 June 2010 La Cigale con Rolando Bruno, Buenos Aires Capital

8 July 2010 La Cigale, Buenos Aires Capital

17 August 2010 Le Bar, Buenos Aires Capital

18 September 2010 Corazón Brillantina, Art Hostel Buenos Aires Capital

10 October 2010 Fiesta La Mágica, Moon, Buenos Aires Capital

31 October 2010 Congreso de derechos para la juventud, Chapadmalal

14 November 2010 Fastock Festival, 25 de Mayo, Provincia Buenos Aires

18 March 2011 Fiesta La Mágica con Lía Crucet, SaloÅLn Real, Buenos Aires


12 November 2012 Fastock Festival, 25 de Mayo, Provincia Buenos Aires

4 Dec 2011 Domingo a Caballo, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal

18 May 2012 Fiesta La Mágica con Yerba Brava, Palermo Club, Buenos Aires


26 May 2012 Fiesta Dancestock, Buenos Aires Capital

28 August 2012 Llená mi alma de cumbia, Buenos Aires Capital

1 September 2012 BarmitzFest, Buenos Aires Capital

28 September 2012 El Archibrazo, Buenos Aires Capital




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