Betty Confetti y Su Conjunto Tropical LP Camina Sobre Fuego

November 2012, Crang Records



Camina Sobre Fuego is a blazing inferno of new Buenos Aires cumbia classics, from the melodramatic synth-drenched “Hamaca”, to the floor shaking “Permiso,” which takes the excruciating public transport system and turns it into a non-stop party. Other new hits like “Mi Nidito,” “Aijue,” “Juego Infernal,” “Chongo Chico Novio,” and “Nuestra Canción” give original insights into love on the rocks, as experienced by the English Betty Confetti living the heat of Latin romance, while “Vos Me Haces Linda” is a sensual dance for two.


The band covers a broad sample of South American cumbia songs, by artists like the Mexicans Los Angeles Azules, the Paraguayan Ramonita Vera, the Bolivian America Pop, the Peruvian Los Beta 5, and sprinkles a little of her own roots into the mix with Marie Laforêt‘s “Toi Mon Amour.”


Recorded in Buenos Aires in 2011, produced by Iván Diaz Mathé, and released this November 2012 on Crang Records it is an addictive, sensual album that presents a group of musicians from the label, including, among others, Damián Cubilla (Felix y Los Clavos) on guitar, Ceci Kelly (Las Kellies) on keyboards, Sil Costa (Las Kellies) on electric drums, Andrés Valenti (Felix y Los Clavos) on percussion, Felipe Correa (Yataians) on güiro and Mambo Sandoval (Azur) on bass. It’s destined to be a must at all parties in the Argentine summer. Warm up your winter with Betty Confetti y Su Conjunto Tropical’s Camina Sobre Fuego.


“The heat of the love stories sung by Betty Confetti prove too much to bear as she “walks on fire” to reach the dance floor on the other side.”



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